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Wellbeing at work, at home, in the community

Cost-effective tools for a fit, healthy, engaged team

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WellbeingZone is a fully customizable white label digital platform packed with features.

Why choose WellbeingZone?

Total Wellness

Array of health and wellbeing tracking tools and resources.

Increased Productivity

Health and wellbeing has a proven link to performance.

Custom Features

Need something else? We can also develop a custom feature just for you.

Full-time Development Team

New features released throughout the year.


Each team can view the site in their local language.

Marketing Support

Monthly marketing packs and micro-site to support the service.


Syncs with all major 3rd party wearables.


Company challenges, notifications, gadgets and games.

Data Driven

Business case and usage data available in the Management Information Portal.


Simple, intuitive user interface for desktop, tablet or module.

Fully Customizable

Modular build for custom design, features, functionality and concept.

Reduced Employee Absence

Promote a healthier, more engaged workforce.

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Why choose WellbeingZone?

Download the business case

Key Product Features

Customizable Dashboard

Decide what you want to see when you log in.


Chat with friends and share videos and articles.


Video consultations, live chat or Ask the Expert options.

Company News

The latest company news on your dashboard and via email.

Company Benefits

Check out the latest company offers.


Search our database of delicious healthy foods.


All major 3rd party wearables sync to your logbook.

Company Challenges

Join company-wide challenges & track the leaderboard!

Goals & Badges

Set goals and win badges.

Exercise Library

View classes, programs and individual exercises or create your own.


Track activity, food, weight, waist, alcohol, smoking and more.

Wellbeing Resource Library

The latest wellbeing and stress management resources.

Wellbeing Assessment

Identify strengths and areas that need some attention.


Admin can view reports, publish company news, challenges and content.

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Standard, Pro or Premium?

The WellbeingZone is available in our Standard, Pro and Premium packages.

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Partners & Resellers

Interested in becoming a partner or reseller?

Add our white-label application to your product portfolio and generate a new revenue stream.

WellbeingZone is a quick and affordable way of bringing a professional health, fitness and online personal training solution to your market with no risks or hassle.

Easy to set up and manage, we take care of all technical and content requirements including development, hosting, support and maintenance.

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MAXIMUS provides digital solutions to the health, fitness & wellbeing industries.

We are passionate about making the latest digital technology available to businesses and end-users, helping to educate, communicate and motivate people to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Our range of white-label health, fitness and wellbeing platforms have been developed for businesses in the public and private sector, schools and universities, health clubs, gyms and leisure trusts. We also have a range of coaching apps.